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BOOK REVIEW: Meeting the Unpredictable by Riann C. Miller

    Meeting The UnpredictableMeeting The Unpredictable by Riann C. Miller
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    A book that you can use as “therapy” :)

    “Acceptance is a gift not everyone will give.”
    – Lennie

    “I want you, just you, and that means I’ll take you any way you come.”
    – Tyler

    “Meeting the Unpredictable” is a touching story of two broken people: Lennie & Tyler.

    On the surface they appear to be opposites but in fact, they share many things in common.

    We have hints from the beginning of the book that both Tyler and Lennie have experienced a kind of trauma in their past which have caused them to become the way they are now.

    Tyler has built emotional walls around himself and he spends his life in a boring, but safe and predictable way. He has one best friend: Chad. He doesn’t go out much, doesn’t do relationships other than meaningless sex and he works at home as a corporate investigator on his computer. That is the way he prefers.

    Lennie, on the other hand, is apparently running all the time, running away from her home town, from her family and maybe from her life. She moves to somewhere different every three months or so. She cannot stay anywhere forever. So, her relationships with people are always temporary.

    “Life moves forward, Tyler, even when we don’t want it to.” Her fingers softly run over the flower on her arm. “Some people aren’t meant to stay in your life for long.”

    But wherever she goes, she tries to cheer people up, touch their life in some way and help them heal if they are broken, too. She understands Tyler is broken as soon as she meets him. Then, she forces her way into Tyler’s quiet and safe life to break down his walls.

    “Lennie, we couldn’t be more opposite if you tried.” I nod my head in silence. I can’t make him accept something he’s not ready for, but that doesn’t mean I can’t offer him a healthy dose of reality.

    “The way we express ourselves couldn’t be more different.” He swallows as he watches me closely. “But we’re both suffering right out in the open for anyone to see, but they…don’t.” He casts me a meaningful look. “With people like us, you have to dig below the surface to see what’s wrong.”


    She makes it her personal mission to help Tyler get out of the prison he has built for himself and encourages him to have fun. She pushes his limits, but she also knows when to pull back.

    Tyler lives next door to Lennie’s sister Jodi, who she has come to stay with for a while. They meet when she appears one day at his door asking for oil to make muffins.

    The way she worms herself into Tyler’s life was fun to read. At first he’s quite resistant, but he soon gives in the temptation.

    Her sweet and carefree attitude slowly makes him thaw and first they become friends, then friends with benefits and then lovers.

    Lennie is so much more different from anyone he has ever met. She is a free spirit and she doesn’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks.

    She is beautiful with brown hair and blue eyes. She is funny and sexy as hell. She has a lot of tattoos on her body.

    She looks like a rebel and acts like one, too.

    “This is what she does. She’s…unpredictable. She’s like a storm. You just have to wait for whatever mood she’s in to pass.”

    Tyler turns out to be one of the best book-boyfriends with his gorgeous looks and caring attitude. First, Lennie fights for him, defends him, helps him to heal and then, it is his turn to do the same.

    Tyler never gives up and fights hard to be with her no matter how much she tries to flee.

    I’m doing everything in my power to give her a reason to stay. A reason to pick me.


    For the first time in years, I’m ready to beg for a second chance at life.


    “She’s running. Literally. Something scared her, and I guess at this point I should be thankful she came to tell me goodbye. That she gifted me the chance to go with her.

    “You belong to me.” A knowing smile forms on his face. I force my eyes shut. “Open your eyes, Lennie.” His frantic voice makes me do exactly what he asked. “We belong together.”

    This book is is about life, family issues, the shitty hands fate delivers to some people and how they deal with it. It is about second chances in life. It is about friendship, love, fighting to survive and healing.

    “You’re used to running, but Lennie you need to know something. If you run, I’ll chase you.” Her eyes flare as my heart rate increases. “You can run to the ends of the earth and I’ll still chase you because you matter to me. You’re a priority to me.” Lennie’s eyes soften. “Where have you been my whole life, Tyler Brooker?”

    As you read, you uncover the mysteries that have made our main characters the way they are. You understand why Tyler has been living a lonely life for the past six years and why and from what Lennie has been running for so many years. But I must admit that the writer has made me crawl until the middle of the book, wondering what was what. I had my own guesses and most came out to be true but I couldn’t have guessed certain things and they surprised me.

    I cannot tell you much more because you need to read and discover each fact about these characters yourself.

    Let me tell you that the side characters were great contribution to the story and I really really want to adopt an animal from a shelter after reading this book. I kind of need the same “dog therapy”

    “Tyler, have you ever felt unconditional love?” Her question causes my head to spin.

    “Humans come with strings. They always have and they always will, but the love you get from an animal is truly unconditional.”

    “Meeting the Unpredictable” is a beautiful journey which has its happy and sad moments. It has a happy ending, though. It is really a decent book and I am glad that I have read it. I nearly highlighted half of the book. It is full of life lessons and mottos for everyone…

    Let me leave you with some more delicious quotes from the book.

    No one taught me that no matter how good you are, no matter how much you beg, no matter how much you pray, some things can’t be purchased.


    I learned a long time ago that the things that matter in life never come with a price tag.


    You know how quickly life can change. Don’t let your life disappear right in front of you.


    When life delivers something rare, you have to reach out and grab ahold of it.


    “Sometimes, when something breaks, there’s not always a way to fix it.” My eyes painfully close and I’m not sure if I’m feeling agony for Lennie or me. “Is…is that what you are?” Her face turns and she looks up at me. “Broken?” My voice cracks.
    Slowly, she nods her head. “No matter how hard anyone tries to fix me…I no longer have all the pieces.”


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